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    Highlander Grogg

    Rich medium-roast coffee with the flavors of butterscotch, liquor and caramel

    Beans at a Glance:

    Sourced From: Colombia

    Elevation: 1300 to 1650 meters

    Process: Vertical Dryers

    Harvest: September to January

    Contains natural and artificial flavors. No added sugar.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews

    I have had this coffee before. It's my favorite, and it's fantastic. A shop in town stocks Javamania beans. I always buy the Highlander Grog because it's my favorite. This was my first order directly from Javamania, and I didn't even receive the right beans. I was sent Jamaican Me Crazy. I tried to follow up with a support request, but that was 2 days ago, and I received no word from customer service. I just wanted the coffee I ordered, and nobody really seems to care about a first-time customer receiving an incorrect order.

    Jennifer Corwin

    Great service and IF there ever is an issue they ALWAYS make it right and promptly! Very satisfied with them.

    Taste as good as smell

    While at a baby shower the smell of the coffee drew me to the refreshments. Oh wow! Couldn't get enough.

    Love this stuff

    Found them by a happy accident. That was several years ago. Have been a fan ever since. We also hooked a couple of our friends on the Highlander Grogg. Delightful blend of flavors. Perfect pick me up in the morning. Usually buy a 5lb bag once or twice a year. Great customer service and shipping is fast. We no longer live in IL but the ship time is still quick. All about the small business. Well worth the price for a well-crafted coffee.

    Jenn Corwin

    Great service. Doesn't take forever to ship and it's always fresh.