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    Dark Chocolate Decadence

    Rich medium-roast coffee with the flavor of creamy dark chocolate

    Beans at a Glance:

    Sourced From: Colombia

    Elevation: 1300 to 1650 meters

    Process: Vertical Dryers

    Harvest: September to January

    Contains natural and artificial flavors. No added sugar.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    Very smooth dark chocolate. My favorite

    Dr Prophet Everett
    Smooth and mellow

    I love it. It is not over powering. I mixed my two bags of coffee beans beans ( butter pecan and dark chocolate decadence )
    together. O it was a delightful pleasure to my mouth, even 4 of my grandchildren liked the mixture. The chocolate I aroma is amazing; and I am not a coffee fanatic. I like to engage one or twice a week sometimes less, but the dark chocolate decadence and t utter pecan both get five stars

    Chocolatey Dreams Come True

    Mmmmm, this one is everything we hoped it would be... a smooth dark chocolate taste layered over premium coffee. Delicious black or with a touch of cream, pairs beautifully with all kinds of desserts. I also wanted to add that all Javamania coffees pour cleanly out of the coffee grinder. I don't know what the difference is between their coffee and the ones I buy from Costco, but after grinding whole beans, I usually need a brush to get all the coffee out of the grinder bin. Not so with Javamania! You'd think they would stick worse since the beans look sort of moist (probably a flavor oil coating) but they grind beautifully and pour out cleanly. Always a delight!

    Robert Minor
    Dark Chocolate Decadence

    We have been drinking Dark Chocolate Decadence for more than 5 years now. We make it with a Ninja coffee maker that has an aerator attachment to create "foam". The coffee becomes a smooth, flavor filled cup of joy every morning.