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    Fair Trade Organic Italian Roast

    Smoky richness, cherry, blueberry, chocolate & caramel notes with a lively, effervescent acidity & lightly syrupy. Perfect for espresso with an amazing crema.

    The municipality of Inzá is nestled in the middle of the great Colombian Massif. A mountainous region where most of the mayor rivers of the country are born, including the Magdalena, the Cauca and the Patia river. Inza is surrounded by volcanoes, plus the altitude and climate of this region make it perfect for growing specialty coffee. Very small producers tend to their land and hold on to their traditions. Many of them have produced coffee with little or no chemicals for generations. The Pillimue Family, crucial members of the community, led a program to certify 80 producers in organic practices. This small group of producers have become leaders in innovative organic practices, leading workshops in the community in order to re-use a lot of the waste created by the farm and to make bio fertilizers that are cheap and useful.

    Beans at a Glance:

    Sourced From: Cauca, Colombia

    Elevation: 1800 - 2100 meters

    Process: Fully Washed, Raised Beds

    Harvest: October to March


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    MaryAnndrea Myers
    Best coffee for espresso

    The Italian roast is the best for making espresso! I highly recommend any blend from JavaMania, the beans are always so fresh and brews the perfect cup every time. I also love that they will deliver right to your door! Thank you JavaMania for offering some of the best coffee in Rockford!

    Great coffee - supporting local business

    I love their coffee, regular and decaf, I've been ordering it for several years. I'm a dark roast person, something not available everywhere, and I prefer to support local businesses. Something more - I like that I can get decaf cold brew grind so I can enjoy cold brew anytime.